DV Farm

Located in Gilsum, N.H., DV Farm is a registered 501(c)3 that is dedicated to helping fight Veteran Homelessness and addiction. With helping and giving homeless Vets a chance to cultivate a new life free of drugs and alcohol while they also receive counseling, animal therapy, and a little tough love.

Help Continue operations

Paying no staff, having no state nor federal funding, the DV Farm relies solely on the generosity of the public. Whether you're making a one-time donation, monthly, or having a fundraiser; there's more than one way to help the DV Farm reintegrate our Veterans back into civilian life!

Shop and give back!

If you have to shop online, why not give back at the same time?! With no hidden fees or extra costs, you can shop online and help the DV Farm at the same time!

Road To Recovery

The Road To Recovery t-shirt helps fund the DV Farm. With ALL proceeds (minus $1.00) goes directly to the DV Farm after reaching $100 that month. If not, it rolls over to the next month!

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